Alexis Vear

Artist Statement
I am A Singer/Songwriter and Artist who sees images, and uses them to communicate messages through paintings, transported through a song!!! As a songwriter, every second of my life, every thought I have is a potential song. As an oil painter, everything I see in the physical world, or in my head, is something to be put on a canvass……….and for me the two are intertwined as a message I am called to reveal.My choice medium is oil.  I love the ability to manipulate it, creating layers of texture, and then sculpting it like clay.  I also prefer to use stimulating and energizing colors.  My desire is to awaken my viewers physically and emotionally, the way a message awakens me.For many of my works, I use animals to represent people. In conveying a message, I have found that humans have such a great sense of wonder with creatures, but with looking at humans there is usually a desire to define what is seen instantly and put it in a box.  I’m not into boxes, so I have found it fun to eliminate this barrier.  Also, Native American believed that animals and creatures served as messengers called totems.  So, with each animal depicted in my painting, it also serves as a spiritual message.


Alexis Vear is a SOULFUL Singer/Songwriter/ Fine Artist who is inspired by the images she sees in her mind, and in realities of everyday life. From the time Alexis can remember, images have passed through her. Alexis has always felt a deep calling to share these images in different ways.

Alexis was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a young child, Alexis started writing songs secretly, while openly expressing herself through visual art.  Alexis spent much of her childhood taking classes at the Indianapolis Art League.

In 2004 Alexis released her debut album, “Never Give Up”, an acoustic record full of heart and soul that received national airplay on NPR. Internationally her CD sold on 3 continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe. In 2005 Alexis moved from Greensboro, North Carolina…. to Atlanta, Georgia…..

In 2008 Alexis released “Let It Go” which was inspired by her love of John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, U2, and Atlanta singer songwriter Shawn Mullins. Alexis dedicated “Let It Go” to all the woman of the world searching for, or living their dreams, and all the men that support them.“Let It Go” is a compilation of songs with a flavor of Rock, Alternative, and Indie.

After taking a hiatus from painting to concentrate on her music, everything has come full circle, and she is fulfilling her calling to communicate messages through paintings, transported through a song.


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