Carolyn Springer

Carolyn’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1990 at sites ranging from the COVA Gallery, Sushi Performance and Visual Art both in San Diego, Yokohama, Japan’s Citizen’s Gallery, and Tijuana’s Cultural Center. She has won numerous awards including a Juror’s award from Matrix Gallery in Chicago and a research grant to study in Florence, Italy.

Encaustic painting is the process of working with melted beeswax that has been pigmented with colors. Encaustic means “burning in” in Greek and this refers to the process of fusing the wax a second time in order for the wax to remain stable. The encaustic has been considered one of the oldest methods of painting in history. The Fayums in Greco-Roman Egypt created “soul portraits” as a way to remember their loved ones and the portrait paintings were attached to the wooden sarcophagi.

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