Debra Delbecq

Artist’s Statement

Born an identical twin, one of seven children, I was raised on an Indiana farm, driving a tractor and pulling weeds. After starting my career as a painter and photographer, my family purchased a small farm and my father, who is now 88, came to live nearby. With his years of farming expertise, we are able to produce abundant harvests together that whet my creative appetite with bushels of vivid color. I paint and photograph the environment I see from the second floor of my 1860’s farmhouse. The garden and surrounding fields provide endless rhythms of change. My work chronicles these daily observations. My creative process is truly intertwined with my own sustainability–while gathering my food I’m storing information for the content of my work. My intent is to make the viewer’s eyes travel throughout the painting in a suggested path created through the similarity and proximity of shapes and colors. I also draw linear elements into the wet paint as if I were drawing in the dirt with a stick. These lines often depict the rows in the fields of soybeans and corn that surround my home.

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