GK Rowe

My work, like most artists, is continuously evolving based on my life experiences, technical training and compulsion to create. However, my technique and philosophy is commonly identifiable when transferred into shape, space and the dichotomy that exists between that which is simple: yet, equally complex. I rely on this equation as it provides the necessary instruments that allow me to visually explore my environment and experiences in greater detail. The creative results of my expression provide others the opportunity to explore my work from their own perspective. My work can be approached with ease by its vast simplicity: while the complexity developed by composition, line and layering takes the viewer deeper; thus this balanced platform begins the exploration.
Private and Public Collections

Indianapolis Bar Association
J. Martin Gallery
Lilly Foundation
Katz and Korin Law Firm
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art: Director Jeremy Efroymeson
Kite Realty Company
Richmond Museum of Art: Director Shaun Dingwerth
Mark Hullman Landscaping
Landmark Interior Design

Shows and Exhibits

00 emerging artist series J. Martin Gallery
01 figures & squares J. Martin Gallery
01 grade masquerade Damien Center
02 allotropy Primary Colors
02 SP2 Gash Designs Studio
02 911 series Arts Council of Indianapolis
02 SP2 Downtown Studio
02 allotropy Primary Colors
02 transformation Expressions of Renewal and Hope
03 truffles and 56 degrees
03 corporate culture J. Martin Gallery
03 30 s. meridian IMOCA
04 renewed J .Martin Gallery
04 fundraiser IMOCA
04 allotropy No. 7 Primary Colors

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