Kevin Smola

Abstract Artist
“This work is not created for the delight or despair of one, a group, a community or even a society. It is at it’s core, a fundamentally primal human endeavor. I point it toward us all, reflecting the exceptional and the tragic, the hopeful as well as the desperate.” —Kevin Smola


BORN IN 1981 IN LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA, Kevin Smola is an abstract artist that views painting as a way of connecting with the viewer. He was awarded the Stutz Artists Association’s Artist-In-Residence Grant in 2005 and since then his work has gone into numerous private and corporate collections across the country. In addition to exhibiting locally, Kevin has been represented by Agora Gallery in New York and exhibited abroad in Paris and Bologna. Agora Gallery had this to say of Smola’s work:
“…Smola creates amorphous shapes of unfathomable depth and feathery softness that recall the brushwork of late Monet. The colors define undulating patterns, which come together in what the artist calls ‘expressive compositions.’”
—Agora Gallery, NYC

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