Martha Kaplan

My sumi art opens a view to discover meaningful connections to the artistic expression of black ink and white space. I am intrigued by the process of sumi’s visual field and the spirit of its techniques, as it remakes itself on the contemporary art scene as a yet ever new form of painting while adhering to its traditional components.

Sumi ink painting has been my daily discipline and practice since 1995. I work on rice paper and heavy wallpaper scrolls, which extend from 8 feet to 30 feet in length, and on handmade paper as well as on different sized canvasses. What I particularly respect about sumi is the boldness of its direct approach. It is a conscious medium.

The language of the brush was familiar to me from my involvement with abstract expressionist painting. This link to abstract art attracted me to explore painting with sumi ink as an expressive medium. Once the stroke from the hand to the brush is execute, nothing can be changed or erased. This strict relationship of materials comes into focus via the skill of handling the brush and flow of in together, relaying inspiration from nature’ manifold design.

Artist are often asked how much time did it take you to create that particular work of art. I have realized that whatever piece I am working on has taken my my whole life process to create”it”. Like wise, my AKA MISSKO’DDR+, represents all the stages of my life in letters and symbols that have comprised my life. It seems more accurate to me, and inclusive to sign all my sumi work in this manner.

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