Michael Leu

Born Taiwan 1950
Education Fusing Art and Craft School, Taipei, Taiwan, Otis/Parsons Institute, Los Angeles, CA

At an early age, Michal Leu was treated as an art gifted child. At the age of 7, he won first place in the International Children’s Painting Contest in Tokyo, Japan. He received special artistic training from Mr. Jung Ming-Jin, the top children’s art educator in Taiwan. He then went on to study and graduate from Fusing Art and Craft School in Taipei, Taiwan.

‘My artistic training stressed creative expression within a limited range of landscapes and traditional subjects. My creative challenge now is to explore a range of mixed media applied to present and futuristic themes. Sensual impressions have become my creative source, after more than 30 years I have dedicated myself as a painter and printmaker. The sensual impulse triggers off a feeling, the feeling is given expression using colors and forms in my paintings and prints. I combine the tools and sensitivity of my Asian heritage with the expanding vision of Western experience. My artwork reflects my life experiences and ambiances-life consists of a series of fast changing scenes, just like film the same applies to the life of an artist. Many people think that tan artist should stick to one certain characteristic style. For myself, an artist with a conscience, breaks in style are of great significance; a continual creative development is far more meaningful in art than the simple repetition of technical possibilities. I regard the creative process as more important than the final destination.”

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