Chris Bowman

In my work I use relatively straight forward forms. The wood is textured, shaped and painted to add a contemporary dimension to the piece. With these methods, the wood evolves into its final form. At times compartments or drawers are added which are more suggestive of function than of practical use. In other work, function takes precedence, while texture and decorating take a back seat to the wood’s inherent beauty.

BFA, Furniture Design, Herron School of Art, Indiana University at Indianapolis, May 2000

Start, Function Art, Chicago, IL, March 2006
Baker’s Dozen, Tercera Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, November 2005
Scratching the Surface, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA, April 2005
Wood, Paint and Vision, Tercera Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, June 2004
Curviture, Furniture Society Exhibition, June 2004
Diversity Studio Furniture: Part 1, Function Art, Chicago, IL
The Eclectic Electric, Function Art, Chicago, IL, September 2003
Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show, May 2003
Gesture, Texture and Function, Function Art, Chicago, IL February 2003
SOFA, Chicago, IL, Represented by Function Art, October 2002
ARtistry in Wood Show, Domont Gallery, Indianapolis, IN, Fall 2002
Lee Lanau Furniture Show , Grand Rapids, MI, Summer 2002
A New Beginning, Function Art, Chicago, IL, Summer 2002

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