Karen Glanders

My paintings are a reflection of the search for my spiritual devotion and responsibility in the world today. I use my paintings to better explore ways to communicate and serve those I love and those who need. My life has been moved to a journey of faith and this journey has become an integral part of my painting. I have spent a great deal of time researching symbols used in Christian art and I incorporate many of these symbols in my paintings as well as symbols or objects that specifically speak to me spiritually. I use symbols that are often very present in our lives today to tell stories about my experiences and my relationship with God. It is my hope that these contemporary paintings will spark curiosity among viewers and cause them to ask questions or ponder their own spirituality. I feel the juxtaposition of familiar objects will at least keep the audience entertained if nothing else. I paint primarily on wood panels using mixed media. Some of my paintings have coll-aged elements. The hard surface of wood allows me to scratch, scrub and scrape selectively to unearth the key components of the many layers of paint underneath. The paintings go through a life process with many lives just as we do so that I can draw on its history as well as mine. Because of my love for woodworking, I build the wood structures as well as the frames.

Karen Glanders grew up on the north side of Indianapolis and aside from a short 3 year stint in New Orleans has remained there all of her adult life. Karen realized her passion for art at a young age but did not take it seriously until 1993. She enrolled at the John Herron School of Fine Art and studied painting until 1998. Taking some time off to work in her studio, she found a voice of her own and began a career in painting. It has been a wonderfully felt journey; exploring her thoughts on feelings, emotions, social issues, and religion. Her work continues to evolve and materials such as wood and found objects are finding their way into or around her paintings. Karen enjoys her wood shop as much as her painting studio and is always thinking of ways to incorporate wood into her projects. She has enjoyed a relationship with Editions Limited since 2003. Karen works in her studio at home where she lives with her husband, Geoff and her sons Eric, Sam and Charlie.

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