Marta Blades

“I wear black, yet my life revolves around color…color and design. After a long hiatus following College, when I began to paint again, I painted barns, quite wonderful barns, that looked like barns. Yet the first piece I did with torn paper titled, “Shout Joy”, changed my whole direction. The whimsical torn-paper period is over and now my concentration, although still three dimensional, is a stronger statement in color and design. And it virtually is , “Musing at Midnight”,** painting in those wonderful hours, when the world is quiet and Liszt, Brahms and I share sound and space, paper and brush, producing work that to me still shouts Joy.”

Marta Blades was born in Hungary, educated at Erzsebet Noiskola in Budapest, fled with her parents from Russian rule, graduated from the Englishes Institut in Lindauim Bodensee, Germany and came to the United States to attend Marion College in Indianapolis, graduating with a degree in art. She worked toward her Masters at Northwestern University. Ms Blades, who taught art at the Herron Museum of Art for 14 years, served as chairman and revamped the Junior Symphony Group’s, “Symphony in Color,” art contest. She was at the helm of the Junior League’s docent Program at the Museum of Art and has judged numerous exhibits for various organizations. With J.M. Mallon Galleries for 20 years, she was Director of , The Gallery, downtown and is virtually enjoying the same position at Editions Limited ‘Gallery of Fine Art.

Corporate Collections:
Duke Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN
Frank and Kraft, Indianapolis, IN
Frost and Hugon, Indianapolis, IN
Holiday Inn, Union Station, Indianapolis, IN
IUPUI, Conference Center, Indianapolis, IN
Katzman and Katzman, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Kosene and Kosene, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
F.C. Tucker Company, Indianapolis, IN

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